Monday, November 23, 2009



Late November turns a sharp corner,

leaving behind vibrant, golden hues

to embark upon a dull, yet scenic, sepia season,

but not without beauty in the process of decay.

On close inspection

leaves display artistic license with dots and geometric design.

Underfoot, crunching dryness

brings carefree smiles along leaf-strewn pathways.

Rain drenched, soggy specimens

pressed by countless treads of rubber boots

become short-lived stencilled pavement blocks.

Discarded, deep earth toned, shaggy carpets

are quickly gathered

to blanket roses and compost boxes.

A shower of fluttering leaflets draws eyes upward

to darkened tree limbs silhouetted

against a gloomy, gray sky,

reaching with grace and lovely form.

November needs another chance

to remind us of the season’s truth,

that unless it dies and buries deep

we can’t anticipate beauty’s birth in months to come.

Trudy - 2009

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