Thursday, November 19, 2009


As the Pineapple Express has pummeled the west coast the past few days with wild winds and a deluge of water, in the interior of the province the skies have changed with the hours bringing gusty winds as daylight turned into the dark of night.

... my eyes have been lifted upwards to a blue sky brushed like a water colour canvas.

... looking up at the last of the golden coins on the birch trees fluttering down like loose change.

... unique wisps of water vapour stretching into the heavens

... our enormous maple tree is the last to change into brilliant fall fashion and often waits to drop its leaves after the snow flies. Well, these gusty winds have literally torn leaves from stems, sending them spiraling up, up, and over the roof top to create wind rows at the front door as a new day's surprise gift. Instead of gutters spilling with water they are stuffed with yellow helicopters.

... about 1/4 of the millions of leaves that have made the Maple a spectacular showcase over the past weeks. Tonight's windy blasts will leave the yard carpeted once again.

... looking up through the pitchy limbs of the two tall pine trees hoping they stand strong

... these mountains of pine needles are the result of a good airing out.

... some sunshine, fresh air and exercise. My heart is glad!

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