Monday, January 25, 2010


Colours can evoke different emotions and meanings for different people in different situations. For me, the colour YELLOW shines with optimism and happiness. Yellow is introduced to children at a very early age in the representation of the sun full of light, warmth and a happy face. I remember one of the first Sunday School choruses that I learned which still puts a smile on my face when I sing it for my grandchildren.

Heavenly Sunshine
H. J. Zelley - G.H. Cook
Heavenly sunshine, heavenly, sunshine,
Flooding my soul with glory divine,
Heavenly sunshine, Heavenly sunshine,
Hallelujah, Jesus is mine.

When the January sky is dull and the landscape bleak, a posy of yellow daffodils makes my heart glad. I couldn't resist them at the grocery checkout.

Pears and bananas are yellow, rich and ripe and mellow.

A sunny, yellow, Sunday scramble

Golden glow of roasted garlic and butternut squash soup, set off with a dollop of fresh salsa.

One of my favourite hot beverages - lemon zinger tea sipped from a hand painted mug smiling with a happy yellow sunflower. The sun is shining this morning. Yeah !


Shelley said...

How cheery! I feel warmer just from reading this post and seeing all your yellow. I might have to go hunting for yellow since everything feels grey and white over here!

Bonnie Heather said...

Your blogs always make me feel warm and sunny.