Wednesday, February 10, 2010


A gorgeous bouquet of gratitude
given and received with a lot of love.

Alstromeria - Lily of the Incas
Flower of friendship and devotion.

Chrysanthemum - symbolizing optimism and joy

Carnation - Dianthus - flower of love
A sign of gratitude.

The Daisy - symbol of inner sanctity.

I love the glossy, dark green leaves of the Salal plant.
Native to the Northwest, where in places they grow in hedges - I wish I could grow them in my hot, dry garden. I will keep them in the vase long after the flowers are spent. Just fresh, green foliage is definitely better than no green.

Petite daisies - a little bit of innocence.

Homemade cards are the best - the sentiments come from the heart.

A bouquet of posies brings so much joy in a dreary month. I walk past it and rub my fingers over the aromatic, eucalyptus leaves and draw in the cool scent of fresh spring - sometime soon!

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Bonnie Heather said...

Hi Trudy, I have selected you for the Sunshine Award because your art(photos) bring me so much joy. Your award will be ready for pickup on my site in a few minutes.