Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Having just been in a huge city with unbelievable freeway traffic it was a relaxing contrast to hit the highway early morning for a 14 hour drive to a little prairie town of 1000 residents where a quieter, slower pace of life gives one time to enjoy the moments and watch beautiful sunsets.

I decided to begin this book, that I received for Christmas, and over the 14 hours I read and reviewed and drove the driver crazy with my attempt to do review drills with him. All in all we learned some interesting facts and I have many more chapters to explore and relearn in an attempt to get an easy, comprehensive story of our great country.

The reward at the end of the journey was the smiles on the faces of our little family who are a wonderful blessing in the little prairie town. We had grandiose plans to prepare and plant a vegetable garden but the cold wind and rain put that on hold. So we spent time redrawing the plans, purchasing seeds and bedding plants and talking about the joys of organic gardening.

Six blissful days playing with this little sweetie who called us Bapa and Bama.

We giggled and wiggled from early morning when she would crawl up the stairs to the guest room and jump on our bed, to the goodnight kisses at bedtime. In between there were wagon rides around different town blocks, playing with dollies, colouring and play dough, story books and hide and seek under blankets. Always the pull to 'outside' where there were rocks to move and sticky garden dirt to scoop and dump.

This little one loves to crawl into confined spaces and her favourite is a bookshelf.

Grampa kept busy moving this deck from it's unusual home in the vegetable garden to it's rightful place in front of the gazebo where it will be in a shady spot when the summer sun burns strong and a screened room to escape the mosquitoes and grasshoppers. It was quite an engineering feat to jack up the gazebo with 2 car jacks and place the deck supports in precisely the right places for the deck to 'click' into place. I can just imagine this cozy entertaining corner in the months ahead and I am sure we'll see pictures on LOVEBIRDS blog.

The hardest part of the week were goodbye hugs - too many days, weeks, and months to miss family.

Here it was the end of May and our journey home took us through SNOW! We stopped at one of our favourite places along this prairie route at Rosebud AB where we thoroughly enjoyed the production of the musical "Oliver" and stayed in the very peaceful Rosebud Country Inn which I highly recommend.

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Bonnie Heather said...

You have a beautiful family. I'm glad you had a chance to see your adorable grand-daughter.