Thursday, June 3, 2010


On our journey home from the little prairie town we met up with a remnant of winter's adieu as we experienced a few snow flurries near Calgary. It being the 30th of May I struggled with this picture as I had already embraced spring in all it's green glory and vibrant blooms. There is something about a road trip that inspires me to scribble down words on paper scraps and so out of that came Fleeting Moments. I caught some photo opportunities through the windshield, but had to beg my dear driver to stop so I could walk back a few meters to enjoy the little waterfall.


Spring snow settles softly -

momentarily in the scheme of the season,

subdued under blanketing clouds

till breezy fingers deftly pull open a window

of blue, creating an escape for radiant warmth

to dissipate stellar dendrites into frigid rivulets,

giddy as they merge into burbling streams,

splashing with total abandon over jagged ledges,

playfully spraying freshly budded foliage.

Spring snow surreptitiously slips


Trudy - 2010

'Snow On The Mountain' blooming in my back yard.

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Shelley said...

I'm glad the unwelcome snow didn't dampen your spirits on the way home!