Sunday, July 25, 2010


The flower symbolism associated with the daisy is purity, innocence, loyal love, beauty, patience and simplicity.

My garden beds are brimming with daisies right now, a very poignant time for me as their meaning has captured my attention during a time of physical limitations, a time to heal a broken limb.

One doesn't appreciate independence and capability until it is taken away, allowing those who love you to share their gifts of loyal love, beauty, and much patience. Thanks to my 'honey' who is so caring and willing to do simple tasks that for me are so frustrating or impossible for this short span of time in the story of our love for each other. We are proving to be a great three armed team!


he loves me, he loves me not
a childhood chant I've not forgot

he loves me more than yesteryear
in ways that only become more clear

his love is selfless, full of care
it seems a lifetime we've had to share

he laughs with me and sheds a tear
my joys are his, my hurts his fear

he is my rock, my lifetime love
for which I thank our God above

trudy - 2010


Shelley said...

Tears are dropping into my cereal bowl! This was a sweet poem about your "steady eddie".

Bonnie Heather said...

Love your poem. I'm going to read it to my hubby.

Anonymous said...

Trudy...... aren't those daisies just perfect...I MARVEL AT THEM EVERY DAY ... and am so sorry when we have a heat spell that shortens their season. Thank you so much for the plant... my friends in Greendale also enjoy their abundance.... my love always .... Shirlee