Saturday, August 14, 2010


Vacations to the Pacific Ocean draw me back again and again to be awed by the majesty of the sea and to beach comb for days. Each day brings new vistas and exhilarating discoveries.

Marcel Proust says it concisely:
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes,
but in having new eyes."


The sea -

magnificently vast beyond the horizon

- picturesquely captured in bays and inlets.

The sea -

inexhaustible motion in it’s ebb and flow

- dancing elusively upon diverse shores.

The sea -

waves crashing and slapping

- salty, sticky, stinky in their residue.

The sea -

teeming mysteriously with creatures riding the swells

- clinging tenaciously to rocks, awaiting high tide.

The sea -

washing invisibly upon opposite continents

- the beach I meander delighting me with treasures,

mementos of God’s fingerprints.

The sea -

and all it’s fullness is the Lords

- the gifts He gives are new every morning.

The sea -

shrouded with thick, swirling mist

- a fog horn calls mournfully to me - Revisit.

Trudy - 2010


Anonymous said...

I can almost hear the sea gulls and seals and smell the ocean air coming from your pictures. Nothing like walking on the ocean floor and finding treasures. What incredible beauty and thanks for sharing it with us.

( )'s

Shelley said...

Beautiful photos (well done, my one-armed Marmee!) ... they're making me pine out here in the dry prairie lands. I think the foghorn is calling me, too. Love your poem!!