Friday, August 27, 2010


Besides photographing flowers, another passion of mine is framing windows in my viewfinder. Windows are so intriguing with stories left to my imagination. I'm forever saying, "Please turn around honey, I spotted a window-scape." Here are this summer's peaceful finds.


Looking in and looking out

that’s what windows are about.

Press your nose against a pane

squint in sunshine, stare through rain.

Be inquisitive, peer inside

in hopes that none within abide.

Some are etched with stories old

others smudged with tales untold.

View the world as set in frames

ignore peripheral domains.

Open out your mind-eyes view

create a window scape of something new.

Trudy - 2010

A peek into the Sunken Garden,
Butchart Gardens, Victoria

Very special childhood/youth memories
behind these church windows.
Black Creek BC

Century old windows being restored.
Baptist church, Harrison Idaho

Harrison, Idaho

A hole in a hedge creates a window.
Brentwood Bay, Victoria

The Butchart residence

A stained glass prayer in the
bathroom window at my sister's house.
"As for me and my house,
we will serve the Lord."

Church in Ucluelet

Church in Ucluelet

Butchart Gardens

Chemanius BC

Chemanius BC

Sunset through the hole in the hedge.
Butchart Gardens

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