Saturday, October 23, 2010


It's a good thing I took some photos before my camera left the country so I could blog about filling my quiet days with significant tasks, and my kitchen with savoury aromas with the last of the garden harvest. The tomatoes have been ripening steadily in the basement and as they have they have found their way into spicy sauces, just plain diced and canned, and on this rainy day into a cauldron of steaming Borscht. I wasn't excited to dig up the beets in the rain but once out there found the fresh air was just what I needed. So supper is a no-brainer tonight, and the rest of the soup (which is a lot!) will be tucked into the freezer for cold winter nights.

Man-sized Pontiac potatoes.
( My man loves potatoes!)

Better Homes and Gardens gave me
a new spicy sauce recipe.

Fresh basil and parsley from my kitchen garden
together with roasted garlic and spices ....

rich and ready in the freezer for a Pasta supper.

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