Thursday, May 19, 2011


I love it that flowers are named. A tulip is not just a tulip but known by name amongst hundreds of dry brown bulbs that are chosen carefully to create a colorful palette designed by each gardener. As human beings we don't like the idea of someone being a favourite, but when it comes to flowers there can be many and in the tulip family Angelique takes 1st place amongst her peers in my garden bed along side Antionette, Abigail, Purple Prince and Christmas Marvel to name a few.

a.k.a. Tulip

She furls and twirls her petals

Like a ballerina's soft, opaque skirt.

Amongst her tall, pirouetting peers

She stands apart, fragrant as a delicate rose

whimsical and sweet as an angel.

Trudy Peters

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Shirlee said...

Trudy... I wanted to call you something else but I couldn't think of the best way to spell it... something like.... Tr.....z.... oh well that doesn't matter. What I really wanted to say was how much I enjoyed "your Angelique" ! By the way, did you know that they are also "mine". I saw them years ago at La Conner and when I saw them I just knew how special they were. If I had to pick a field of tulips, they would be the ones!!!!! Your photos are beauties. Love....... smf