Thursday, July 21, 2011


We are homeless - no fixed address for a few weeks. I'm thankful for the roof over our head, walls around us, and the ability to put a kettle on for a cup of tea to share with a loved one. Our 5th wheel trailer is parked at a farm RVpark and from my window as I am typing I am looking back to the neighborhood that we left a week ago. We still have an awesome view but it is to the north instead of south down the valley which has been our windowscape for 24 years. Instead of watching West Jet take off and land we now have them roaring directly overhead as they make their approach to the airport.
In this interim homeless state we thought we could relax at our wonderful beaches in the Okanagan, but the weather is so unpredictable and quite nasty at times that it feels more like spring than summer.
I am a little sad that my new iPad is not cooperating for blogging photos so they may have to wait until our home base computer is connected in our townhouse.
So for now I can only look back at where I came from and dream about the next move.

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heidi said...

Hi Trudy,
you got an ipad, how cool, they have covers for 3.99, soft and hard at Homesense if you're interested (just got them for Lauren).
sounds like you're missing your home, there were so many memories, I know you will make new ones in your new home.
Do you need any help? moving in, I'm off to take Michelle to the coast next week but will be back before you move. Will call and take you out before you guys leave for your big trip, you're still in my prayers.
love you!