Friday, July 22, 2011


While doing some serious banking the other day we came across a French Pastry and chocolate shop called Sandrine. Now the cool thing is that this shop will be in walking distance from our new home which could be dangerous.
We drooled over the decadent desserts and chose the least sugary which was a pastry with cream cheese and fresh apricots - delish! Yes, I shared it over a cup of tea and a game of Sequence at which I was skunked.

This post is my first attempt of blogging with a photo. I had to buy a Blogpress app and so with good luck I am trusting this will publish

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heidi said...

it worked great, the picture is there and there are no big gaps. yes Sandrines is fine, a nice treat. great to see you blogging so much, can't wait for the blogs on your trip, hope you are able to share!!