Sunday, August 28, 2011


Over hill and dale, past ponds, over wooden bridges and as always past white churches, this one trying to give us directions, but we knew where we were going. This is Anne's land, the red headed orphan who comes alive in our imaginations through the volumes written by Lucy Maude Montgomery.

Quite by accident we stumbled upon this home that once belonged to Grandfather Montgomery. His elderly great-grandson gave us a most informative private tour of the 150 year old home where Lucy Maude spent many of her childhood summers. It could well be that many of her inspirations for her stories came out of her experiences here. On display was Magog, one of the green, porcelain, spotted dogs and her grandmother's rose bud tea set that she mentions in her stories. There were also many original journal entries and first editions of stories and poetry that are not in print any more. Maybe the pink, lacy windowscape was a special place for Lucy to begin creating her chronicles about Anne.

This is Green Gables, the home of Lucy Maude's cousin, where again she spent much of her time and became the home of her imaginary Anne, who may have gazed through this window when she was in the depths of despair. We strolled through Balsam Hollow, or lovers lane and enjoyed the little quotes from Lucy Maude's writings.

PEI National Park has several beautiful beaches with the red clay cliffs and sand dunes. I'm always on the lookout for beach glass which was all washed away this day.

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Anonymous said...

Wow mom! Sounds like you've had quite an interesting experience in PEI. Soak it all up so that you can re-tell it to us when you return! Love Ray and Mel