Saturday, August 27, 2011


No history lessons today, but instead a day to relax on a beach. Now to get to this special beach we did have to drive a few hours but it was so worth it. Basin Head Beach on the south/east coast of the island is known for it's singing sand. As we walked across the dry sand it made little squeaky sounds and if I used my imagination like Anne Shirley I can be sure it had a little happy tune for me.The day was perfect with sunshine and a lovely breeze and we settled ourselves against a red rock to absorb the heat, the beauty, and the continuous swish of the ocean waves. A lunch on the sand,(not a sandwich) and our novels kept us happy as clams.

Just a few more kilometers and we were at East Point. Our goal is to drive to West Point another day and then we will receive a certificate for having crossed the island from end to end! The wooden lighthouse built in 1867 is one of few manned stations on the island, the others being automated.

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