Saturday, August 27, 2011

PEI - from Summerside to Charlottetown

PEI - red sand cliffs, red dirt roads, red tinged pavement and cinnamon colored sugar sand. Huge potato fields everywhere with more varieties than I have ever heard of. From a birds eye view the island must look like an old patchwork quilt of green and golden fields stitched together with red thread roads, dotted with white french knotted buildings and bound around the ragged edges with a soft, red ribbon of sand. I read this quote this morning about PEI, "We are a giant farm floating in the ocean, surrounded by sandy beaches and full of passionate culinary artisans who love the opportunity to share their flavors."
We are definitely benefiting from the culinary skills of our B&B hosts who serve us farmer sized breakfasts which satisfy for most of the day.

Victoria By the Sea, a quaint little coastal town with tiny gift shops and tidy homes surrounded with picket fences. I loved the relaxed atmosphere as depicted by the chairs on the front porches. Not much happening here. Maybe everyone was out at sea?

In Charlottetown, the birthplace of Canada we got more history lessons at Founders Hall, an interactive museum and at the Legislative building where the PEI government still holds it's sessions. Before this vacation I was reading 'Canadian History for Dummies', but I think I will reread some chapters as they will make more sense now.

PEI is known for it's famous Cow's ice-cream which we indulged in just before our big evening out on the town to see 'Anne of Green Gables,The Musical' which was wonderful. From beginning to end it was full of energy, great talent, and amazing stage sets. Who can' t love Anne, the redheaded girl with an imagination and a way with words that draws one in to be a kindred spirit.

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