Sunday, September 18, 2011


VIA rail station or Gare du Palais is quite an impressive welcome to Quebec City.

Suddenly one is thrown into a foreign culture with the dominance of the French language. In Uppertown we stayed at Trois Balcons B&B, a 1930's home in a busy neighborhood of sidewalk cafes, flowers spilling over balconies and window boxes, posies for sale perched on the street curb and church bells chiming the hours.

It was good to get a birds eye view of the city from an observatory tower overlooking the Old City bordered by the St Lawrence River, the Parliament buildings, the Citadel,and the Plains of Abraham.

The Parliament Buildings

Ville de Quebec, the walled city with it's entry ports transports one into a European culture of narrow, cobbled streets and medeival architect. I spent a lot of time looking up at turrets and towers and always cool windowscapes to which I will dedicate a whole blog. The Chateau Frontenac is one of Canada's proud landmarks.

And then there is Petite Champlain, or the lower city which is one of the oldest settlements in North America. The streets are even narrower and were crowded with tourists coming and going from a large cruise ship that was in port. It was such a gorgeous mid September day bringing out local families together with tourists to stroll along the riverside boardwalk with it's numerous buskers to entertain the crowds. Sidewalk cafes and shops were humming with foreign conversation. For those too weary to climb the hill there was the Funnicular, a cable car which was quite a claustrophobic experience as we were literally squished on to a ride which should have been scenic.

Windowscapes to follow.

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