Thursday, November 10, 2011


I haven't had time to pine over the loss of our fabulous vista that we left behind in the country, probably because I have been out of town more weeks than in, over the past three months. It was one of the compromises we made in choosing to live on the flats rather than on the lovely hills in our valley which offer the expansive views. A definite plus to the flat land is easy walking to most amenities and a beautiful linear park along Mission Creek which only a few blocks from my house takes me into the forest with all it's arboreal beauty. But close to home, in fact right outside my windows I have feasted my eyes on these crimson Japanese Maples as I have been lounging in my easy chair for the past two weeks nursing a wicked cold. The sunshine filtering through the lacy foliage has been a healing balm.

"Why not enjoy the little things - 
  there are so many of them."


Anonymous said...

Trudy... beautiful pics of a stately tree in your yard. The question is... do you have to clean up the leaves !
For the first time in our lives we have a leaf blower, a great invention for anyone to use.
A our house we celebrate even the smallest things!

Alex was our teacher for that ! smf

Edie said...

Beautiful tree and it will look so good with lights in the winter. (With the pear)!!