Tuesday, December 6, 2011



Wick trimmed - 
Submerged in purest oil
Awaiting a kindled flame
To illuminate a dusky room.

Holy Spirit intervene my flickering soul
Awaken the joy of my salvation
To burn intensely with divine imagination.

Trudy Peters

In this second week of the Advent season I have been paging through my special journal and came across this entry from 2004.  The oil lamp is a powerful metaphor of readiness. We become ready for a closer union with God and with one another to the extent that the base of the wick - the core of our being remains submerged in the oil. And we become ready to give light to the world. Let it be my responsibility and JOY to keep my wick immersed in the depths of God's rich love. When I do, the flame will burn in a world that is longing for light and warmth and LOVE.

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Bonnie Heather said...

Wonderful poem and blog post. Thanks Trudy.