Thursday, January 5, 2012


The ebb and flow of the ocean always makes me think of time. As children growing up near ocean waters we would read the tide charts in the summer to determine the best time to play in warm water after it had rolled over the hot sand. As I walked along this Atlantic beach this past summer I wanted time to slow down so I could bask in the beauty of the moment. What a time we had, exploring and absorbing the magnitude of God's creation.

I realized that my last post was almost a month ago. Where did time go? Absolutely nowhere! It was how I spent my hours days and weeks that made it seem as though it had slipped away. The calendar was marked with a school concert, a piano recital, banquets, symphony concert, Living nativity and Christmas at the church etc, etc, but illness and a hospital stay including surgery gave me a different perspective on time as I had to readjust to missing these events. Days were longer than usual. Nights were even longer and lonely. And then there has been a time to wait patiently for test results.

New Years Eve was quiet and uneventful in our home while much of the world was in a frenzy of expectation for the magical hour to strike.

Today I filled a new calendar with all the family birthdays and anniversaries, times to celebrate and to mark time as we will all grow older.  I read this quote yesterday and want to keep it close to my heart this year.

" Life is a gift from God, and our best days are discovering the wonders of the miracle."


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Shelley said...

Let's trust God for lots of little miracles this year! Wish our time in Kelowna had moved a little slower. xoxo