Tuesday, May 22, 2012


When we lived in the country we would often drive past a woman we named Mrs. Walker who reminded me of a character in a movie called 'Sarah, Plain and Tall.  Mrs. Walker too, was plain and tall, with gnarled varicose veins on her lean legs which strode with purpose along the country road. Her dresses were not fashionable, nor her hair, which had the 'I just took out the rollers look', but I always admired her determination to walk for daily exercise.
I too enjoyed walking those back country roads but now that I am in the city there are new incentives beyond the daily exercise. We are located so centrally to shopping and eating establishments I may become a high maintenance lady. I even walked for the first time in 64 years to a dentist appointment - 25 minutes one way!  (no, that wasn't my first visit in 64 years) Two of the best destinations are a linear park along a creek, only 5 minutes from our house and the local farmer's market just a 10 minute stroll.
I am the new Mrs. Walker.

The park paths extend for miles and miles through a forest of diverse vegetation. One night we named eleven different trees in our 45 minute loop.  There are  large bridges that cross the main creek which is rushing towards the lake and smaller bridges across little tributaries which become spawning channels for the Kokanee salmon. In the spring the air is fragrant with various blossoms, and always there is birdsong.

The farmer's and crafter's market is a wonderful destination on Wednesdays and Saturdays from April through October. Giving up our large garden wasn't easy, but this is the next best place to get fresh, local vegetables and fruit. 

 Last week I chose apple mint, basil, dill, asparagus, rhubarb, a pepper and cucumber. The asparagus and dill were part of the yummiest spring vegetable and salmon chowder. I love cooking so I'll be walking to the market again this Wednesday. 


Shelley said...

This neighborhood of yours looks pretty wonderful! :)

Edie said...

Thanks Trudy for the delicious soup. I too enjoyed walking in your new neighborhood and having the park so close is awesome. Country in the City.