Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Our new home has minimal garden so I will enjoy each bloom all the more. It was difficult to choose plants for a few pots at the local greenery as I used to plant about 23 pots and lots of annuals in the garden beds. On the other hand I am not missing the amount of work we left behind. So this month I filled my senses with lilacs, fuschias, aubretia, lobelia and dianthus 'Fire Witch'

Always jolly, our resident elf welcomed us when we moved in last summer.

This delicate blossom is only 0.5 cm. wide  and stands on a long stem of the "London Pride' ground cover. The intricacy of design points to the Almighty Creator. 

My resident gardener has had time to nip at his bonsai hobby. 
May has been lovely.

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