Saturday, June 16, 2012


The summer months are upon us whether or not the thermometer convinces me. Regardless, it is camping season and we chose to get into the swing of it with a few days at Kettle River Provincial Park. This location is truly becoming one of our favourite places to relax in a beautiful pine forest alive with skittering chipmunks, peeping ground squirrels, graceful deer and many birds, including a rare owl. It was a pleasure to share this camping experience with wonderful friends.

This tiny tea-kettle bell on Wally's bicycle caught my fancy as we pedalled across the Kettle River. Yes, I put on my bravery boots and cycled for the first time since I broke my arm in a bicycle mishap two summers ago.

 The historic Kettle Valley Railway trail winds through the park, alongside the river to some beautiful vistas of white water in a narrow gorge, and past a biker's rest stop where we have on several occasions been welcomed by Paul, a most generous 90 year who has blessed hundreds of weary bikers. 

 Indian Paintbrush

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Edie said...

Lovely spot and glad you are on your bike again because I know how much you have enjoyed cycling.