Friday, August 31, 2012


As the sun set on this last day of August, I had to reflect on the hours of fun we have had with our grandkids in our small backyard, at parks, and at their homes. A little water play and popsicles got us through some hot days. They are all growing up too fast as you can see by the moustaches, and it's not even Movember. This week we gathered all 20 of our family to celebrate Miss A's fourth birthday which was her first ever party.  

The sun is setting earlier, the mornings and evenings are cool, and with this long weekend upon us we have to admit that summer has slipped away, but left us with good memories. The little $10 pool is packed away, the patio tidied and our trailer packed for some early fall vacation time.
Our family has certainly added boisterous activity and joyful noise to our townhouse backyard common lawn area but all is good as the neighbours have been gracious and affirming to all our fun.
Another little family that has added entertainment to our backyard are the Quail, who may be happy to have the space to themselves. 


Anonymous said...

Trudy and Wally... I have been checking faithfully for your pics... today I see I am two days behind..I love your backyard fun... even the quail. So, have you left or is tomorrow the day you leave for the coast? Love to you all and safe travels... Shirlee and Dave

Bonnie Heather said...

Hi Trudy, you have a wonderful family. All those children must bring you so much joy. Thanks for sharing all the great photos and have a great trip.