Friday, August 31, 2012


After 40 years of serious country gardening our new urban experience has taken on a minimalistic nature. We can only boast 2 tomato plants which are sharing space in one of our children's garden. The climate of this summer did not produce the biggest, juiciest tomatoes, but the joy of picking garden fresh makes them the tastiest.

The next best thing to not having our own garden has been the close proximity to the farmer's market with it's array of garden fresh veggies and fruit grown in our lovely valley. This week I tried patty-pan squash with it's buttery flavour and texture, barbecued with lemony herbs and Parmesan cheese. Nectarines have been my # 1 choice of fruit, sliced on cereal, pancakes, ice cream, or just whole, dripping with syrupy, sweet goodness. 

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