Saturday, August 18, 2012


Another picturesque place to relax, enjoy the wonders of nature and share memories with long-time friends. This park is just 7 minutes from the village of Nakusp and a short drive into the mountains to the Nakusp Hot Springs.
Our campsite had a lake view with our own private beach, just perfect for swimming or launching the kayaks. 

Paddles dip effortlessly through a glassy mirror
reflecting the heavens.
Each stroke pushes away fluffy clouds,
 a shimmering forest, 
the grandeur of mountain peaks.
Gliding through reeds I scan the shoreline, 
 hoping to spot wildlife coming for evening refreshment.
Evening shadows momentarily camouflage
a bald eagle perching on beached driftwood.
In silence I drift to within ten feet of this majestic bird.
Our eyes fearlessly lock for several moments, he turns, 
looks back, and then with slow, rushing whooshes 
he is airborne to the safety of a tall fir.
An awesome moment
A once in a lifetime memory
Daylight is fast fading as I paddle back to camp
 with a smile and a story.

I did not have my camera in the kayak so I borrowed this image from the internet.


Bonnie Heather said...

Wow, that's my ideal holiday. Sounds wonderful.

klassic1 said...

That lake view is amazing when the water is so calm! Another place I should go see!!

Alyssa said...

Hello! this is Alyssa. I have started a new blog at! I have picked you as one of the Leibster award winners! go check it out!