Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I have been perusing the Internet for biscotti recipes as we love these not too sweet treats with a cup of tea. Nuts seem to a staple ingredient in most biscotti recipes - pecans, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios. I remember as a child the harvest of messy black walnuts from the large tree on our farm. As the Christmas baking season drew near there were many hours of cracking  hazelnuts and walnuts and picking out the sweet nut morsels. My mother would make delicious honey cookies with the walnuts and a version of what we know now as biscotti which she called Mandelbrot, made with almonds. All these memories came back to me as I shelled pistachios with their delicate citrusy green and plum nut-meats for a new taste together with dried cranberries in these crunchy cookies. Almonds, cranberries and candied ginger were rolled together for another batch of biscotti which are stashed away and yet not far from my mind.

Temptation in a jar!!

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Edie said...

Love to come and be more than tempted by these lovely biscotti's
Mom made them way before they became popular in the coffee bars. I bought a tin of biscotti a couple years ago only because they were called Lillian's Mandelbroit and it was such a great reminder of Mom.