Sunday, December 2, 2012


At the beginning of 2012 I titled my journal 'Great Expectations.' As I was journeying through some unsettling health challenges at that time, I found myself explicitly trusting God and choosing to believe that He really loves me and is constantly at work for my good and His glory. Looking back over the many months of recuperation I can confidently and joyfully say thanks with my life to LIFE - incarnate God with me.
I have chosen to reread 'God With Us' over the next month and have great expectations to experience again the wonders of our inconceivable God who was conceived in a human being, coming to us so we can personally know his presence.

Advent preparations can take in so many diverse experiences with teachable moments to little family members, whether over conversation around a breakfast table which broke into "Joy to the World the Lord is come ...", or serious planning for our family nativity play, setting up the porcelain nativity figurines in a creche or happily beating the rhythms of Christmas songs on empty cookie tins. And yes, there are cookies to bake for the annual Living Nativity coming at the end of the week - 20,000 cookies, but not all from my kitchen! 

I am embracing this Advent season with renewed joy and expectant living, learning to recognize God's glory.

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