Monday, April 1, 2013


It has been a most spectacularly, gorgeous, warm, sunny weekend, unlike any Easter I can remember. Just two weeks ago we had snow and I thought March would go out like a lion, but no April fools, it is 22 Celsius outside. (Sorry Edie)
We had a wonderful weekend celebrating at church and with family. We kept our Easter meal simple with a cold lunch, followed with a little egg hunt for the children and a walk to a neighbourhood playground which was the best.
To bless my family with tradition I baked Paska, sweet rolls infused with citrus, frosted with icing and sprinkles, and served with a sweet cottage cheese custard spread. This year it felt like Paska 101 as together with a nine year old grandson we made a batch of gluten free paska. They turned out great and have disappeared so I take that as a compliment. And then I remembered a citrus allergy in the family, so back to the mixing bowl and kneading for another sweet roll variety. All was good!

The oldest grandsons up on the roof of the garden shed to find one egg.

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