Thursday, October 3, 2013


BONJOUR from the seaport city of Toulon France, our first stop on a 12 day cruise on the Mediterranean Sea, aboard the Norwegian Spirit.
I have always dreamed about seeing the lavender and sunflower fields in Provence but that will have to wait or be satisfied with calendar pictures. Toulon is a naval port and also the gateway to French Riviera destinations like St. Tropez, but that too was not on our schedule. Actually we just chose to stroll at our own leisure through Toulon as we needed a little break after our week in Spain before tackling some major excursions in days to come.

It was farmer's market day in Toulon so we enjoyed checking out the wares. Too bad all those olives were not on a low sodium diet  :(  

I expected to see a jaunty beret or two but had to settle for good old baseball caps. The biggest fashion  surprise was not chic French designs but rather a city heavily populated with Arabs from North Africa in their distinctive head dress and long, dark dresses.   

French delights - meringues and a tower of macaroons

Little French bistros ready for lunch clients

Today gave me a small windowscape of France, and I'm quite sure Toulon wasn't the best representation but I did smell the lavender in the market!

Au Revoir

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Edie said...

I would have been over the top with all those olives.