Saturday, November 2, 2013


Time has slipped by and I apologize for inviting you to journey with me on my adventures half way around the world, and then left you all behind closed doors. Good plans to allow you to travel vicariously with me were interrupted by technical difficulties with my IPad, which in hindsight was a blessing as my 36 days were so jam packed with amazing adventures that at the end of each day I would have been too exhausted to drag you along through my words and photos.

As my mind and body begin to clear from horrific jet lag I will resend the postcards that you may have waited for, but as we all know, snail mail is almost obsolete and if sent usually arrives after the sender has come back from half way around the world. I am opening the door and hope that little snippets of my journey will wet your appetite for travel and exploration.


Anonymous said...

Oh...... I have been waiting and I have been checking to see if you are here....Yeah ,,,, It is soooooo good you are safe at home and healthy, I pray! Will wait patiently for each one of your delights. Shirlee

Edie said...

Looking forward to your photo's