Sunday, November 3, 2013


We were welcomed to Spain by the Garcia family, who are missionaries from our church. For fourteen years they have been ministering to the hard core drug addicts who live in the garbage dump of Madrid. What an experience to watch Jose and his faithful partner Manolo, who is a recovered addict drive out to the dump, set up the back of their van to offer a cup of cold water, some day old pastries, and an invitation to give up their drugs and come with them to one of their many recovery homes. To see the physical and mental degradation of these addicts as they stumble through used needles and filth was heart breaking. An then an amazing contrast as we worshipped together with hundreds of beautifully restored people because of the love shown them and their introduction to a life of hope through Jesus. It was also a privilege to accompany Sylvia as she has a ministry in two seniors homes and a hospital - the elderly folk love her. Jose Jr. (24) was our driver tour guide for 5 days and his sister Maria (22) kept us entertained with her lively chatter.


Jose, Jose Jr, Sylvia, Maria

Recovery home for drug addicts

Overlooking Madrid from recovery house

Sylvia with a senior friend,Fernando,
 who gave me her newly painted landscape

Central Plaza

Royal Palace

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Edie said...

To have your own personal tour guide in Madrid must of been wonderful. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your friends.