Sunday, December 8, 2013



Tearful good-byes to family and home,

 heading out into the unknown

away from the sideways glances of neighbours and friends

alone with the man of her dreams.

 Dreams that have been most unusual to say the least,

something to chat about later, but now

how far to Bethlehem?

Will it take days, weeks, where will they find shelter,

oh Joseph, how far are we going, why now?

 A redundant question, yet so obvious

not an optimum time to be travelling, 

the weight of pregnancy uncomfortable

as from sunup to sundown they plod along.

How far to Bethlehem?

Stopping to rest with little privacy from fellow travellers, 

 sharing bread and wine,

 finding comfort in each other’s arms,

the future filled with emotions she cannot express.

Holding a tightening, quivering belly,

pondering her miraculous secret

held together with the breath of heaven,

 she whispers as sleep overcomes her weariness, 

Joseph, how far to Bethlehem?

Trudy Peters

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