Tuesday, December 24, 2013



He came from another world,
 a heavenly realm,
to the world He created,
travelling with common pilgrims
to an insignificant Judean town to be counted.
 He who counts and names the stars now lay
sacredly cocooned in the womb 
of a young maiden, 
 chosen himself to be his mother.

He arrived in Bethlehem, 
a town caught up in ages of military strife,
 it’s history preserved by the
supernatural event in a dusty stable with 
hushed whispers of peace on Earth
good will to all men.
A world gone so wrong.
 People needing him, a helpless infant
 to be their Saviour.

Mankind has vicariously journeyed
year after year, arriving
at Bethlehem staged in simple crèches and 
pageants, reliving the miraculous,
 a holy family resting serenely beside 
 a feeding trough cradling Almighty God,
the author of his own story. 

He comes again today from another world,
longing to take up divine residence
in the broken lives of his created beings,
his holy spirit bringing life,
love, joy, hope and peace.
He arrives -  to be reborn in us,
our hearts becoming his Bethlehem.

Trudy Peters

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Marilyn said...

Love your poem, Trudy, and your photos and stories. Beautiful family.

Happy New Year to you and yours.


Marilyn and Rob