Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Wishing all who may happen across this post a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.
 My hope for all would be that we would take time in this frenetic world to experience the wonder of God who delights to play in creation and invites us to participate in the extraordinary and supernatural.  


In the cold dark night of wintertime
 burbling streams form sparkling rime.
A passer-by might just by chance
be mesmerized by this exquisite icy dance.
Fluid movements quite like ballet
form whorls that spin, that seem to sway.
Bubbles rise, holding still like polished pearls
that pirouette in dazzling swirls and twirls.
Glassy solids glissade against the rippling stream
towards pointed shards like tiptoes in bourree.
An attitude of balance, of fragile poise -
held captive in soft, serenely babbling noise.
Beauty created in tranquil light -
snow flakes fall, 
a breeze whispers change
to the ice that dances in the chill of night.

Trudy Peters

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Edie said...

Wow you captured true beauty.