Friday, July 11, 2014


Some provincial parks seem to be a magnet, drawing us back to familiarity and the sheer pleasure of their beauty. Blanket Creek Provincial Park is south of Revelstoke along the Arrow Lake Reservoir. The man-made lagoon in the campground becomes the centre for activities where families blow up all shapes of floatation devices to float away in the lazy days of summer. 

The Arrow Lake reservoir was wide and calm so it called us to paddle across from the campsite to a somewhat vague destination somewhere at 45 degrees across and around a bend to the base of Akolkolex Falls. I borrowed this photo from the Internet as I forgot to take the camera. The thundering roar of the waterfall kept us on track until we could see the mist and roiling water. Feeling a little nervous we kept our distance, beached the kayaks and attempted to hike through the bush in flip flops but soon abandoned that plan as well and made our way back across the lake, weary after a  2 1/2 hour adventure.

The park encompasses a pioneer farming area known as the old Domke homestead. A rock wall, pond and  grassy meadow are a picturesque reminder of a once most peaceful site for a family home with all it's memories of life in the 1940's. 

Wildflowers bloom in abundance and thimble berries will soon be ripe. 

Sutherland Falls is a short walk from the campsite 

Too close for comfort as we were approached by this park dweller on our walk down from the falls.  Guess he could read because he turned and ambled off onto another trail and we cautiously carried on.

Our oldest son and family joined us for two nights and again we hiked to the falls , this time with some bear spray in a pocket. It was a fun time watching three brothers play in the lagoon for hours, even in a rainstorm and to share their campfire in the evening. So many reminders of the three sons we raised.

Visiting Grampa and Gramma's trailer.


klassic1 said...

Blanket Creek Provincial Park - I've never heard of it. Sure looks beautiful and inviting. Will have to remember to check it out some day.

edie said...

That bear seems too close for comfort. Creating more memories with the grandkids and enjoying nature seems like a wonderful vacation.