Sunday, December 21, 2014


Looking at the stars, Madeleine L'Engle in an Advent writing  muses on the mystery of the universe, how "once upon a time or, rather before time God called everything into being in a great breath of creativity... A Sky full of Children! Each galaxy, each star, each living creature, every particle and subatomic particle of creation, we are all children of the Maker."
Did the stars hold their breath for a moment when the WORD who called everything into being entered our world, our time? LOVE as a baby, LOVE that taught us about God the Father, LOVE that sacrificed His life for us, LOVE that calls us into personal relationship, LOVE that is preparing an amazing eternal home for us.
And amazingly God has continued in his marvellous creation, our family, all 20 of us believing that we are part of the 'sky of God's children.' And so we can love one another because God first loved us.

Christmas is always a wonderful opportunity to celebrate as a family and so we gathered yesterday, crowded into our little townhouse, but a home stuffed with a lot of love. The table was laden with finger foods which left us even more stuffed, and maybe a tad sleepy, but the party went on with a gift giving game, singing, a visit from Santa and our traditional family nativity pageant. The walls echoed in rambunctious, happy chaos and when the children and their little families, in a flurry of jackets, boots and gifts bounded out of the front door, Gramma crashed on the couch and said it had been good.

Our littlest star was loved on by whoever could get her in their arms. She is our miracle baby born 11 months ago at 2 pounds 12 ounces,  three months early but what a picture of health she is today. God is good!!

Our adult gift exchange had to be something that started with the letter K and this doll made by Shelley to represent her brother Karl as a young teenager won the prize which was a can of Klik, meat that our children don't remember.

Great participation in some carol singing.

Our in house Santa, the one and only Kaden Tomas

In Santa's sack were Snozzie slippers for all the kids,
one missing from the photo at his choice.

directed by eleven year old Mark and Kaden

Joseph and Mary thrilled to find accommodation in Bethlehem and then
 to Joseph's surprise, the birth of a dark skinned baby!

The shepherd amused at the angel's tidings of ' a rockin stable baby'

Only one wise man came from the east
 so the director used a little improv with adult participation.

The directors look satisfied, the angel resplendent in the finale and Mary,
 well, just a little worn out by the event.



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MamaLisaMarie said...

We are truly blessed, family, love and Christ our Saviour! Thank you for opening your home to all, You and Dad have given us great joy, filled our hearts!