Saturday, January 10, 2015



To know one's Maker, the one who mysteriously 
fills the depths of the soul,
to choose to follow Him on a journey of faith
is to live life abundantly.

To rest, in fields of soft, green grass,
 to dance freely in lush meadows,
abiding in His presence
is to lavish in His bounteous beauty,

To paddle hard against the turbulent currents of life
to pools of quiet waters, listening to His voice
is to find refreshment and healing
 that soothes anxiety and dispels fear.

To choose right paths where
 truth and righteousness echo His name 
is to experience safety and purpose.

In the midst of a warring world of sadness and dark shadows
a sumptuous table of goodness welcomes one to feast,
finding security, restoration and peace.

To know one's Maker is to anticipate 
blessings overflowing,
to be washed with unlimited grace in
unconditional, unfailing friendship.

Anointed and invigorated by the 
richness of His pursuing Spirit surrounds 
the soul with love and mercy always, everywhere.

To know one's Maker 
is to live forever in the abundance of The Eternal.

Inspired by Psalm 23

Trudy Peters



bonnie's test blog said...

Beautiful reminder and truth. Thanks Trudy.

edie said...

The photo of you surrounded by lily pads and the reflection in the water is perfect

Shelley said...

Love this one. Beautiful prose and photos, Marmee! And also ... you're so punny. :)