Wednesday, April 15, 2015


The southern Caribbean islands also known as the Antilles reflect the culture of their early colonization years many centuries ago from the Dutch, French, British and slaves from Africa, a mixing pot that has produced a people embracing bright colours and lively music.
To get into the spirit we toured Aruba on the Kookoo Kanuba bus, shaking maracas, singing and waving at the locals. Some spirits from the rum barrels gave a little punch to our beach drink!

On the island of Curacao, we wandered the streets of Willemstad enjoying the colourful buildings and Dutch architecture. The floating market added another cultural dimension as the fresh fish, fruits and vegetables are brought in on small boats from Venezuela where they are either sold right from the boats or little stalls that have created a little Spanish community amongst the Dutch, English and Papiamento languages of the locals.

Caribbean dolls for my 4 grand-girls

On St Kitts, the Romney plantation was a highlight with it's lush gardens and Caribelle Batik factory.
Brimstone Hill Fortress gave us an appreciation of architecture built by black slaves whose generations of offspring predominately populate this island. Thanks to Mister Sackville Grey, a local Kit-titian for an excellent historical tour of his island.

Piccadilly Square in St Kitts is a roundabout intersection fashioned
in patriotic style after Piccadilly Circus in London.

Romney Manor Plantation once owned by Thomas Jefferson's great great great grandfather

Caribelle Batik

Old bell tower at Romney Manor that in centuries gone
 by gave direction to the day for the African Slaves

350 year old Saman Tree ( rain tree)

Brimstone Hill Fortress

Colourful indeed!


Catherine said...

seeing these photos makes me want to jump on the next cruise ship.

edie said...

Pristine and vibrant colors.