Monday, July 20, 2015


Birthdays come but once a year but with 10 grandchildren that means a lot of celebrating. It has become our tradition to treat each grandchild annually with a breakfast date where we have the opportunity to sit across from from each other and focus all our attention and conversation on them. Sometimes if there are two birthdays in a month it becomes one date together with a cousin which can make for delightful dialogue especially when there is a big age difference.
Today was 12 year old Kaden's date and after a hearty breakfast at a local eatery we came back to our house to make a new memory together, baking gluten free cinnamon raisin bagels which he has missed in the past few years.
Not having made bagels before we researched the Internet for a gluten free recipe and up popped one for 'Dummies'. free-bagels.html
I made it clear that that the dummy referred to Gramma!
It was a fun experience and the end result was delicious, satisfying and definitely a recipe to repeat.

Two bagels disappeared as soon as they had cooled a few minutes.


Looking a little smug because he is almost as tall as Gramma.

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