Saturday, August 1, 2015


Being spontaneous on a perfect summer day proved to be refreshing, invigorating, tiring and above all ABUNDANTLY beautiful.

Heading north past picturesque Wood and Kalamalka Lakes

Destination: Silver Star Mountain Resort

A 30 minute walk down from the village plaza to catch the Comet Chair.
A 10 minute ride up and 90 minutes to carefully descend on a trail.

Looking north from the Summit at 6280 feet

On the Attridge Trail to descend 1000 feet back to the village. A narrow, shale trail for mountain goats! ( the nanny goat took one wipe out without any scrapes.)
No bear sightings but the bear spray was handy on a backpack.

Purple daisies, Lupine and Indian Paintbrush.
 The alpine flowers were not that showy as it has been such a hot dry summer.

Tiny Christmas trees in the alpine meadow.

A distant view of Kalamalka Lake on the left and Okanagan Lake on the right.

Mountain Huckleberries

Natures future reforestation

Yeah, we are in sight of the village.

A reminder that this mountain will too soon be a winter wonderland

Beautiful hanging flower baskets in the colourful village

Time to relax for refreshments and reading at Bugaboos.
Supper was a treat at The Bulldog Pub. 

The Bulldog burger with a yummy Thai peanut sauce. Wally had such good memories of eating a few of these burgers from his bus driving days to Silver Star that he wanted to share this favourite meal with me.

A great day on a beautiful mountain in fresh air with my best friend.
Yes, we were a little stiff and sore the next day but it was all worth it.

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Mountain trails are so beautiful.