Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Little did we know when we started out on our three week vacation that one particular river would capture our attention again and again and end up giving us a breathtaking adventure.

Beginning its journey out of Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, the SNAKE RIVER slithers, glides, falls and rushes it's way 1078 miles or 1735 Km west through the Snake River Plain in Idaho, through the rugged Hells Canyon on the Idaho/Oregon border, up through the rich farmland of the Palouse WA, winding back down to join the Columbia River where after all that empties itself into the Pacific Ocean. Does it get tired of running? 


We watched Base jumpers parachute 486 feet from this bridge


The Snake River flowing behind the Hells Gate State Park Discovery Center

Off on a six hour Jet Boat tour through Hells Canyon. 
Very interesting narration of the natural and human history of the canyon,
North Americas deepest river gorge

Columnar Basalt formations

Waiting for some rafters coming through the rapids

A lovely ranch owned by the tour company

A tasty box lunch enjoyed in the shady orchard

A refreshing swim in the Snake River

PETROGLYPHS carved into the canyon walls
 by the Nez Perce or Shoshone first nations people

Calm waters

Negotiating the winding river

Rushing Rapids

Cathedrals of God's own creation

Taking time to choose the best route through the narrows

Columnar Basaltic Ribs

Exquisitely designed

Back to calm water at our campground in Hells Gate State Park. 
Our 173 Km river tour was 'a little piece of heaven in hells canyon'

King Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 1:6
"All rivers flow to the sea, but the sea is never full.
 To the place where the river flows, 
there the water returns to flow once again."

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what amazing and unusual rock formations.