Saturday, October 10, 2015


My word for this year is ABUNDANCE, and at this time of year our thoughts centre on thanksgiving for all that we have, but we are also confronted with a world that is destitute and longing for stability, safety, provisions, peace, and hope for a brighter future. I am so privileged, and do not want to take that for granted. My desire is to share of my abundance both physically and spiritually.


Morning by morning I come to you God,
 and it is so easy and so good to thank you 
for all the tangible elements in my life;
for all I see, and hear, and smell, and taste, and touch.

Forgive me that too often I forget to say thanks
 for all that is unseen;

For your angels that keep me from falling
 when I stumble over my clumsy feet,
I thank you.

For your hand that covers my mouth 
to silence hurtful words,
I thank you.

For your footsteps
that lead me along the path of obedience,
I thank you

For the shadow of your protecting wings,
I thank you.

For your still, small voice that prompts me to action,
I thank you.

For your tender arms that wrap around my sadness,
I thank you.

For your ears that are always open to my complaining,
I thank you.

For your eyes that look upon me your child with delight,
I thank you.

For your melodic voice that rejoices over me in song,
I thank you.

For your smile that encourages me to not to give up,
I thank you.

For your fingers that guide my own in creativity,
I thank you.

For your spirit that infuses me with joyful living,
I thank you.

My whole being is filled with your goodness.

Please accept my prayer of thanksgiving.

trudy - 2009

" From my soul, I will join the songs of thanksgiving;
 I will sing and proclaim Your wonder and mystery." 
Psalm 26:7


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What a wonderful reminder of giving thanks