Sunday, November 22, 2015


The world is tired, the year is old,
The faded leaves are glad to die...
~Sara Teasdale, "November"

November can conjure up feelings of melancholy as gardens are stripped bare, rose bushes mulched with decaying leaves, trees shaking off their vibrant coats, the sun losing it's warmth, a subdued fading of autumn to winter.......
And yet, one can find beauty and art in and amongst the decay. A few days on the west coast with the added benefit of sunshine fuelled my senses as I discovered with delight some exquisite shades of autumn.

The Horticulture Center of the Pacific in Victoria was the perfect place to wander and visit with extended family through flower gardens, damp woodlands and a delightful Japanese garden boasting a large collection of bonsai trees.

Berries are highlighted as summer's blossoms have faded.

Miniatures amongst the forest giants.

A beautiful, 50-70 year old Korean Hornbeam tree, a dwarf of it's naturally 30 foot high stance. 

Sister and brother enjoying a private joke - is it her evergreen wig?

An island visit is never complete without a walk along the seashore.

The mossy forest in Goldstream Provincial Park

An artistic view of nature taking its course in the spawning channel. 

 Blue Heron in Goldstream's estuary.

As November fades I take courage in the advent of a new season, a season of ice and snow that will be warmed with the love of family centred around the joy of Christmas.


Anonymous said...

As you've shown again in your wonderful photography, there is so much beauty in every season.

edie said...

You captured the beauty of fall. Love the japanese garden.