Thursday, February 18, 2016


Winter months can be long and depressing but in our home that season is interrupted with wonderful occasions to express our love languages. It just so happens that both our birthdays and Valentines occur within a two week period and sometimes we just lump them all together into one celebration.
One of my love languages is receiving flowers and  it was wonderful to have two bouquets to brighten my birthday week this January. Daffodils are soooo cheery and a mixed bunch of posies with roses, so elegant.

Acts of service are another form of love language and I would have to say mine is cooking.
His are the words of affirmation he hands out after trying yet one more new recipe. And then acts of service leap right into action again as he so willingly cleans up the dishes after dinner.
It was a BIG birthday for him so I planned a dinner party with our adult children. I did utilize my passion for cooking by making a new Asian Slaw and deconstructed black forest desserts but opted out keeping the main course simple by ordering in delicious Thai food. To fuel my own love language I bought flowers to give both of us pleasure.  

Valentines Day came and went without passion for anything as I found myself deep under the bed covers dealing with a sinus cold. Pulled up my socks a few days later on his actual birthday to create in the kitchen once again. After watching 9 - 13 year olds make Beef Wellington on a Master Chef Jr. show I figured I could give that a whirl in my culinary skills. Again, a labor of love as I followed the recipe to a fault with delicious results. Thanks to Mennonite Girls Can cook for the recipe.

Individual Beef Wellington with a side of
sauteed shallots and mushrooms in a red wine sauce and roasted asparagus.
And he insisted on cleaning up after dinner :) What a gem!!

Dirty Laundry Hush Rose is apparently one of the best roses in our province.
Reading all the cute inscribed quotes on the bottle was entertaining.

Being that it was a milestone birthday of 3 score and 10, he was reminded by his brother that biblically more birthdays are bonuses. That was rather a sobering thought but also inspiring to do things that are on our 'bucket lists'. For years he has been fascinated with chefs preparing him an omelet, saying that it could be learned. So for someone who has mastered making his own porridge I surprised him with his own omelet pan, spatula, and a 10 page print out of Julia Childs step by step instructions. It can become a check on his 'bucket list'.

Learn how to cook -
try new recipes
learn from your mistakes
be fearless, and above all have fun
Julia Childs

So on that note we will continue celebrating 
and having fun in another clime where the sun shines warm.


Anonymous said...

Flowers, food, wine and a man to love and who loves you back.

Anonymous said...

What a joyful post! I don't know how I missed it! Makes my heart happy! Beef Wellington! Bravo! xoxo. Shellbell