Sunday, March 13, 2016


Many of our vacations find us at the ocean, it's uninterrupted motion mesmerizing me for countless hours. And so once again the vast Pacific Ocean became my daily landscape stretching to the horizon along the Mexican Riviera. The warm water so inviting and yet I hold a healthy fear of the potential and sometimes surprising immense strength in each wave that breaks along the shore. Several days near sunset we bobbed in the waves, delighting in it's buoyancy and playful spirit until I could relax and rest in it's ability to carry me, floating on my back gently over one swell after another. With my eyes lifted to the amazing evening sky I could not help but be lost within my soul gaze, the moments where God fills my soul with incredible stillness when I can be attuned to His still small voice. And in those moments my creativity was stirred to patch a few words together to express my awe.


 The sun hangs low and heavy
blushing crimson
on all it's warmed and gazed upon
and I float
weightless on a vast water bed
faith so illogical -
fathomless water contained in a cosmic swirl.
Where fear might flounder
as rolling waves break upon my face
I float.
The light of day slips into the sea
I stand on sand
feet and faith firmly planted.
The silver moon climbs high into the night
It floats
to the echo of Omnipotent words
"and it was good."

Trudy Peters


edie said...

It is a happy calm refreshing place.

Anonymous said...

I agree, there is something very mesmerizing about watching waves, big or small, coming ashore.