Monday, March 21, 2016


The sun was HOT, the breeze off the ocean refreshing, the sights vibrant, the food delicious and the company fun in our week in Bucerias, Mexico.  On a generous invitation we joined Alvan and Muriel at their winter vacation home.  After a warm welcome we hit the ground running, no, actually walking briskly following Alvan our fearless tour guide around the town, through a maze of cobblestone streets to a church on Sunday, on local rattly buses to the village of Sayulita and the town of Puerto Vallarta. They showed us their integrated lifestyle with local markets, favourite bakeries, best restaurants, and extensive knowledge of a different culture and beautiful people. It was a full week with much laughter, teasing, serious discussions, swimming in the ocean, eating, and a time to really let them get to know us, the 'outlaws. (we share two special grandsons.)

Browned up and matching outfits which was NOT planned.

Alvan and Muriel camouflaged in an art garden. 

Tour guide Alvan leading the way up 100 steps

A wonderful sunset dinner

Casa Lewis

Muriel holds the suspension bridge steady,
 teaching me to devein shrimp,
 arranging flowers in their courtyard.

Walking the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta

Miming with the mailman on the Malecon

Miming with the sandmen on the Malecon

Sand Sculpture

Strange and wonderful statues

Cobblestone streets everywhere are hard to negotiate.

Banyon Tree

Wally shopping at THE HATMAN NOT BATMAN.

Lunch in PV

The beach in Sayulita

Tacos at a street side cafe in Sayulita

Tortilla chips, salsa and guacamole almost every day,
Grilled Red Snapper,
Fish taco and refreshing drinks

Unique architecture

I find doors and windows fascinating
and so often my gaze is upwards that I forget to watch my steps.

Casa Kimberly was made famous by Elizabeth Taylor who lived there during the makings of a movie, and her clandestine romance with Richard Burton who was across the street in a hotel joined by the  lovers arch.

The beauty of brilliant flowers are everywhere.

Pelicans roosting in a tree.


The River Cuale meets the Pacific ocean.
When on a beach I don't look up but rather down,
 always on a search for gifts from the sea.

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Love your travel blog and the beauty you capture in your photos.