Monday, March 28, 2016


Spring break ends today and the grand kids will be happy to be back into routine tomorrow, or maybe their parents will be happier. During the past two weeks we benefited from extra time with all 10 of these precious children at different times and events. Some of the moments got documented with photos while others such as playing at the playground, hot tubbing under the stars, learning a new card game, and Good Friday lunch will be memories held in our minds. 

Celebrating Mark turning 13 with lunch at Red Robins and dessert at Gogis


Two days and nights with three little sisters
Crafting and Kinetic sand
Our adorable babykins

Street hockey with Grampa
Tailgate party

Baking snickerdoodles

40 year old Fisher Price toys are all new to her.


Watching Kaden on the left playing in a new soccer league

----------------------- EASTER--------------------

Family buffet on Easter Monday.

Easter Monday treasure hunt for their chocolate bunnies.
What a fun gang

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edie said...

Wonderful that you had a great time creating memories with your tribe.