Thursday, March 24, 2016



"Death where is your sting
oh grave your victory?"
narrative of light and shadow portrayed
on canvas mixed with joy and melancholy.

a celebration feast with bread and wine
with friends and furtive foe
messages of puzzling metaphors
a towel and basin humility does show.

a virgin olive grove in moonless night
of mental anguish, deep sobbing prayer
and careless friends aroused by
torches, swords, a shamed betrayer.

light and shadows by a flickering fire
fearful followers desert their trusted leader
compassionate eyes had locked in knowing,
now one denies, a rooster crows at dawns surrender

of loving teacher, God’s son accused
as mortal men distort his heavenly mission
His head bows silent beneath the cursing blows 
a crown of thorns, the cruel fate of crucifixion.

three crosses on a barren hill
cast long shadows on a gathered crowd                              
to witness cynicism, yet one forgiven
as midday sun becomes a darkened shroud.

the sinless one cries out, a moment of abandonment
yet He summits, His Fathers will for all to live
becomes his end.
a mother’s heart bleeds sorrow like a sieve.

one who believed prepares the battered body
the same who met Him in shadows of one night
who understood, who personalized
redemption, his soul made right.

a borrowed tomb, sweet linens white
yet heavy stone to guard three days
wherein miraculous occurs
God’s power and majesty displayed.

bright sun comes up, a message
to despondent friends, their Lord’s alive!
a puzzled band, this motley crew
whose faith wells up, hope is revived. 

where is the triumph in empty grave
His risen body testifies
to sins defeat
the Father’s plan is satisfied.

thanks be to God it has been done
sin’s shadows fade
now walk by faith within the Light and
Life the cross and empty tomb have made.

Trudy Peters

* chiaroscura is an artists use of strong contrasts of light and shadow

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