Monday, July 4, 2016


June welcomed summer heat - that was the way it was at home.
June also is unpredictable - and that was our camping experience.
June was hot, cold and rainy.
June has come and gone and I only captured a few of the memories.

Rain coming in over Mabel Lake

Down Pour

Prepared for the weather

Helping Grampa carry wood to their site

A bonfire in sunny and rainy moments. Good for roasting hotdogs,
warming up and drying out running shoes.

Forest nymphs aka sisters and cousins playing house and
creating organic culinary delights on strips of bark

Mark discovering a basketball sized mushroom

Moving on to Shuswap Lake

Hiking to Margaret falls with friends and family

Margaret Falls

An interesting root

A large nest high in a tree

Taking all the sunshine we could between rain showers

Wally kayaking across the lake towards Canoe BC

Our favourite daily activity 


edie said...

Special memories that you captured in photos. Nice to see your grandkids enjoying nature and making it a perfect play ground.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time camping with family. Love your unique scrabble coffee mugs.